The Future of the Cloud: Déjà vu

Remember that time in class where we were talking about a subscription to cloud based platforms as opposed to a physical downloadable, only on your computer, program? Well I wasn’t alone in thinking the next step was to make your everyday computer operating systems part of the subscription system. It just took until today for somebody to speak up. In this article written by a software developer who also writes for Ars Technica, the idea that Microsofts next step will be to bring there Windows Operating system to a subscription based platform. It just seems logical, and in trend with how software is generally moving. It would also be a great way to receive updates more readily and without extra cost. If you’d like to hear more about this, click on this link to the article:

The Future of the Cloud: The “McCloud” is as Fatty as a McDouble

You’re probably looking at the title and thinking to yourself, “What the heck is Matt going to talk about here? This doesn’t make any sense.” Well, allow me to explain what I mean. Currently, in the ongoing business warfare that is the fight for Cloud dominance, everyone is trying to make a name for themselves. In a sense, when you hear the phrase “Cloud Computing”, they want you to instantly think about their company. Is that right? No. But it is good business strategy. It’s exactly what McDonalds has done in the past, where they launched an advertising campaign to label all foods to unassuming people as a “Mc*insert food here*”. The same can be said for these companies. They want you, the unassuming person,(and how dare they think that!) to associate their product(such as the Google Drive Platform) with the cloud. This is all opposing the lean, non fatty meat that the cloud actually is: a cluster of computers providing computations. Thanks McGoogle. If you’d like to read more about the war for cloud dominance, read this article:

The Future of the Cloud: Investment and Cloud Growth

Its time for another thrilling installment of the Future of the Cloud! This time I’m here to talk about the current investment trends and how investment with the cloud is heading. First off, you can find a link to a great infographic that I will reference throughout the post here. As you can see from the infographic, theres been an exponential increase in the amount of companies investing in Cloud Computing, as well as a huge investment in the space necessary for Cloud Computing. As the infrographic shows, theres also an apparent lack of storage for everything people need, with demand outweighing supply heavily when it comes to cloud computing. This being said, the infographic also notes that about 71% of the people polled to create this infographic believed that we will be living in the cloud soon enough, so we better get ready!

The Future of the Cloud: BYOD to BYOC

So you’re probably looking at the title of this post and thinking “Is Matt talking about alcohol? ” The answer is no, im actually talking about a method that many companies are embracing concerning the cloud! BYOD, also known as Bring your own device, if the current model that many companies and IT solutions employ to get the job done. There is currently a rapid switch to the BYOC solution, also known as Bring your own cloud. Simple right? The problem with the switching is however it takes a lot of time and money for companies to catch up to the amount of users that are switching to BYOC. But is the money to make the switch worth it? Yes. Especially considering the data of a 2013 survey by a venture capital group and its technical research partners proved that 75% of the respondents use cloud applications and data of some sort. You can find that survey here. But to think about it, thats alot of people, and the potential for that number to transcend across the United States  (aka 75% of the United States using cloud applications and data) is very likely considering how Google is effecting our lives. SO remember, when you go to the computer party that is cloud, its BYOC. The companies will be there to make sure you have a good time.